TV: 30 Rock 6.15 “The Shower Principle” Best Lines

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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30 Rock 6.15 “The Shower Principle” (****) — Liz tries to put a stop to her repetitive lifestyle with a new hobby.

“I started eating the lettuce under my onion rings.” — Liz
“I started eating the onion part of my onion rings.” — Liz, a year ago
“I bought a restaurant grade onion ringer.” — Liz, 2 years ago

“Nerd alert! Nerd alert!” — Liz fake coughs, that turns into a real cough

“I think Coca-Coola brand Diet Banana Lime causes (mumbled) tongue numbness.” — Liz

“Why is all the healthy food on the top shelf today?” — Cerie

“Eyes down here, boys. I have breasts, you know?” — Hazel

“Jenna accused me of trying to destroy her because her lines didn’t have any K sounds, which she thinks is the funniest sound.” — Liz
“Oh my God. My cousin Karl crashed his car. And now he is in a coma at the Kendall Clinic.” — Pete

“I don’t need any more bad luck. Do you know how many mirrors I’ve smashed because I thought it was a blonde woman mocking me?” — Jenna

“As the doctor said to me after my Hepatitis test, “you got it, sweetheart!” — Hazel

“Meditation is a waste of time like learning French or kissing after sex.” — Jack

“I had to sign on to do a movie. 5 Dog Now 5.” — Tracy
“Gibberish.” — Liz
“No that’s just the confusing title Disney gave the 5th Snow Dogs movie. The ‘S’s are fives.” — Kenneth
“Running time: 26 minutes.” — Voiceover

“Meditation is a waste of time, time you could’ve spent reading that book he gave you on business lunches: Buffet…on Buffets.” — Jack

“Only you can stimulate my interior superior temporal gyrus.” — Jack
“Buy me a drink first.” — Liz, and hurts herself doing a self-high five

“I once pants-ed Deepak Chopra while Craig T. Nelson taped it. I don’t meditate.” — Jack

“My Johnny Choo!” — Jenna

“So you tried to kill me?” — Jenna
“Of course not. I can’t afford a third strike.” — Hazel

“Bottled water?” — Jack
“I’m not fancy like that, Jack If I get thirsty, I’ll just drink the water from lunch I saved in my cheek.” —  Hank

“I fell asleep at a Raymour and Flanigan last week and a black family tried to buy me.” — Hank

“You are the reason my life is a stagnant, monotonous hell.” — Liz
“O that reminds me. My standup tour!” — Tracy

  1. Veronica says:

    The line about the “Corka-Coola banana lime…” actually ends with Liz saying “tongue numbness”, but it’s hard to understand because her tongue is suddenly numb. Just FYI.

  2. mrsubjective says:

    Good catch. Changed

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