TV: Community 3.13 “Digital Exploration of Interior Design” Best Lines

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Community 3.13 “Digital Exploration of Interior Design” (***) — Troy and Bed build competing forts. Vice Dean Laybourne is back for Troy. Britta falls in love with “Subway”.

“You know what? I’m just going to get started with my teeth.” — Dean Pelton

“All difficult things are better like curing a disease or holding in a fart right now.” — Troy

“Britta, you’re a progressive woman of a more liberated looseness.” — Shirley

“Microphones hidden in lipstick. Lipstick hidden in microphones. And the deadliest weapon of them all: the penis fly trap.” — Pierce

“Annie, That’s what you think of me? I don’t make out with forgettable women.” — Jeff

“Top notch whoresmanship.” — Pierce

“I was going to lie there.” — Jeff
“I was going to invest in IBM in 1952. But life is full of disappointments.” — Leonard

“This pen is a microphone. It’s also a mini-flask.” — Pierce
“Did you just drink ink?” — Britta

“Great! Everyone wins, except Abed. But you know, not everyone can win.” — Dean Pelton

“I was raised in the Bay area, but I’m a father now. Subway cannot stand for that!” — Subway Representative

“Who’s Kim?” — Jeff


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