TV: New Girl 1.20 “Normal” Best Lines

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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New Girl 1.20 “Normal” (**1/2) — Jess asks Russell to stay at the loft for the weekend.

“I feel like an ambassador or a spy or a really high class prostitute.” — Jess

“He’s listening to the radio and writing with a pen? What decade are we in?” — Schmidt

“That’s almost a mustache.” — Jess
“It’s creepy and thin. Just how I like it.” — Winston

“I don’t trust what ‘cool’ means to all of you. So how about we just say ‘Be normal’.” — Jess

“Sure, you birthed the idea. But I mid-wifed it. And I mid-wifed the crap out of it. That was a messy birth.” — Schmidt

“I want it Beyonce colored. Not dark. Not light. Beyonce!” — Joe

“This is the best game of True American ever. I’m this close to winning.” — Schmidt
“I’m going to get in your bed.” — Cece
“Yeah. I’m out.” — Schmidt

“You were giving me advice on my boss because you are also a rich white man.” — Winston
“”Hell yes I am!” — Russell

“We like to fight with our bodies. It’s like a really intense game of Capture the Flag. I’ll let you guess what the flag is.” — Schmidt

“I’m not going to get Winklevoss-ed because of your sloppiness.” — Schmidt

“These are hangover eggs. See, they’ll either stop you from throwing up all day or you throw it all up really fast. It’s high risk, high reward.” — Jess

“It’s all sticky!” — Jess
“I have an app for that.” — Nick

“I had to get a stitch!” — Russell
“Ooh I had to get a stitch! I’m too fancy for a band-aid.” — Jess

“If you’re going to get with me, then you’re going to have to get with my friends. And yes, that’s a Spice Girls song.” — Jess


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