TV: South Park 16.5 “Butterballs” Best Lines

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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South Park 16.5 “Butterballs” (**1/2) — Stan wants to raise awareness about the dangers of bullying by shooting a big dance video. Meanwhile, Butters has a very unlikely bully himself. Bucky Bailey

“Think about it. When was the last time you turned on a music video and didn’t see some chick strumming a guitar and singing about her vajayjay?” — Cartman

“I have balls.” — Cartman
“Yeah? Little squishy bubble tea balls.” — Girl
“Still balls.” — Cartman

“I don’t think I’m tough, grandma.” — Butters
“No. You’re a little faggot. You got any more money?” — Butters’ grandma

“Do they say ‘Nice pants. Why do you wear them up to your tits?'” — Bucky Bailey

“We just need one student to be in charge of the anti-bullying campaign. What are you, chicken?!” — Bucky Bailey

“My heart says yes, but my vajayjay says no.” — Cartman

“Just be careful you don’t wind up naked and jacking it in San Diego.” — Kyle
“What the hell does that mean?” — Stan

“O look. It’s Captain Pussy…I got inspired when I saw your gay little costume.” — Butters’ grandma

“Have you heard of hell? It’s eternal fire and it’s going to hurt real bad. Oh, what are you going to do? Cry now?” — Jesus

:::Jacking it Off at San Diego Song:::

“San Diego. Come. Take a load off.” — Jerry Sanders, San Diego Mayor


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