TV: Modern Family 3.20 “The Last Walt” Best Lines

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Modern Family 3.20 “The Last Walt” (***) — Claire tries to help Luke cope with the death of their neighbor, Walt; Phil and Alex spend some time together; Haley throws a pool party without permission at Jay & Gloria’s house; Cameron’s father visits.

“He thinks he’s some bumpkin from the sticks. I have you know that Merle Stonewall Tucker is one of the most respected farmers in all of Hells Hollow, Missouri.” — Cam
“You’re not hearing yourself.” — Mitchell

“You can talk to me.” — Claire
“I know, but I can’t see through you. Scooch.” — Luke

“I believe it was clear the bedrooms are off limits. Young lady, I don’t think you’re ready up here for you’re planning to do down there.” — Manny

“The sound of a pin drop could induce the baby.” — Phil

“City tough. Not farm tough.” — Cam
“You mean cities where there are gangs as opposed to farms where there are ducks.” — Mitchell

“I’m so sorry. I just found out my face does this.” — Claire

“We got two sons. And they’re gay for each other.” — Jay

“You know what I’ll never forget? The day my dad spent the entire day trying to do something special for me. Or when a pregnant lady slipped in my vomit.” — Alex

“They’ve been using glassware by the pool, putting feet on the furniture, and asking girls to kiss each other.” — Manny
“Yes. all the things that you should have been doing. Yea….all those things are fine. You should be enjoying the party.” — Gloria
“But all those things will ruin my party.” — Manny
“Two birds. One bullet.” — Haley


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