TV: New Girl 1.22 “Tomatoes” Best Lines

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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New Girl 1.22 “Tomatoes” (**1/2) — Jess is afraid she and Russell aren’t passionate enough. Nick starts a tomato farm to deal with his loneliness. Schmidt tries dating Cece’s roommate, Nadia.

“Jess. You’re dating a man I can see myself growing old with. Russell, you have a great looking face. Your jawline could cut glass.” — Nick

“Freeze frame! When I’m up in the air and my legs are there.” — Nick

“Cece! The Jewish is here to make sex.” — Nadia

“Beautiful women. You guys can say just about anything, can you?” — Schmidt

“Remember last time you were hugging? You were naked.” — Jess

“What are we, at Santa’s family reunion? Cause the Clawses are coming out.” — Schmidt

“How do you like America?” — Schmidt
“I like salad bar. I like Despicable Me. Tosh 2.0. I like Connect 4. Freedom of speech. David Fincher. Sidewalk. I like 1-800-SLIM. Yo’ Momma jokes. Strawberry. Wilmer Valderrama. Leon Panetta. I skating for fun. Not to save life.” — Nadia

“I used to be your Shelby. That came out wrong.” — Nick

“Look at yourself. You look like one of those guys who crawled out of the grave in the Thriller video.” — Winston
“I need you to git!” — Nick

“What is this? Martin Scorsese’s Wizard of Oz?” — Winston

“Sandwiches and sex? I want that!” — Nick

“Are you serious? How do you look this good under fluorescent lights?” — Schmidt

“I’m almost positive Nadia’s vagina contains a right angle.” — Schmidt

“You like my personality?” — Schmidt
“I was surprised too.” — Cece

“O my god! My penis is having a heart attack.” — Schmidt

“Call a nurse. Call a male nurse. Probably a heavy set male nurse would be nice. Describe it to them as a battered highway cone.” — Schmidt

“Stop making that face at me! I hate that face.” — Jess
“This is my face! I don’t have a lot of faces! IF you don’t like looking at my face, then look at my ass.” — Nick


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