TV: Modern Family 3.22 “Disneyland” Best Lines

Posted: June 3, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Modern Family 3.22 “Disneyland” (***) — The family takes a trip to Disneyland where Claire tries to set up Haley with a new boy, Phil fights old age, Cam and Mitchell try to catch Lily, and Gloria wears uncomfortable shoes.

“I’m making sure I can ride all the rides at Disneyland without having to spike up my hair.” — Luke

“Do you really want girls who only want you for your money?” — Jay
“I’d like to have that option.” — Manny

“Haley has a thing for bad boys, which was so me.” — Claire
“Clearly.” — Phil

“My college roommate had a motorcycle. Man, we had some good times at the back of that thing.” — Phil

“Claire’s biggest fear was that she’d run into The Evil Queen. My biggest fear was that I married her.” — Jay

“Did Haley used to date that guy or something?” — Ethan
“Yup. You date her? That’s the club you’re joining.” — Alex

“You tired of being in those heels?” — Jay
“No. You tired of being with a hot wife?” — Gloria

“I know I can’t run Haley’s life for her. But if she would let me, I would be so go at it.” — Claire

“Are you okay?” — Claire
“I’m great. Why wouldn’t I be?” — Phil
“Because you’re leaning on me.” — Claire
“Isn’t that what marriage is?” — Phil

“I haven’t been judged this much since I forgot my campus bags at Whole Foods.” — Mitchell

“I cannot walk around in public in this. They’re so yellow and ugly and so soft and comfortable. Jay, what is this?” — Gloria

“Your rebel boyfriend is a Dapper Dan.” — Claire

“You’re gonna die. When you see it. Not cause you’re old.” — Luke

“It’s Toon Town. Not Toonton. You’ve been watching too much PBS.” — Mitchell

“She’s got pretty good gams for a three year old.” — Jay



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