TV: The Office 8.24 “Free Family Portrait Studio” Best Lines

Posted: June 9, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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The Office 8.24 “Free Family Portrait Studio” (*1/2) — Andy tries to take back the company. Dwight tries to prove Angela’s child is his.

“I first thought muffin baskets. But then I thought: what’s even more precious than muffins? Their own children.” — Dwight

“I found out where he got his clothes dry cleaned, custom ordered the same suit made with tearaway velcro and you can fill in the rest. Now, he’s trying to get me to bring my children into work. I think it’s fair to be cautious.” — Jim

“What flavor is that?” — Daryl
“Coconut penis.” —
“The coconut is very subtle.” — Daryl

“When I finally do give in, I would go crazy on myself.” — Daryl

“O. How the mediocre have fallen.” — Gabe

“Good good. This carpet is overdue for a mopping.” — Creed

“Happy birthday to Gabe!” — Gabe
“Get out, skeleton man.” — Nellie

“Operation Phoenix is a go. Just get the car ready.” — Dwight

“You’re better than this. Everyone is better than this because this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen.” — Robert

“Do not bring Shakespeare into this. How dare you play the Bard card.” — Andy

“I just want motherfucking delicious moment. Is that too much to ask?” — Andy

“Special projects manager. That’s my background. I just go around doing whatever I want.” — Nellie


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