TV: 30 Rock 6.22 “What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year?” Best Lines

Posted: June 10, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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30 Rock 6.22 “What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year?” (***) — Jack and Avery renew vows, while Criss tries to prove to Liz that he’s the one.

“That’s where Van Der Beek and I step in.” — Criss
“You named your van after the guy from Dawson’s Creek?” — Liz
“I’ve seen everything he’s ever been in except for that.” — Criss

“Hey! I don’t bail. I am still watching Smash, Criss.” — Liz

“Obviously I can’t go to a homeless shelter. Those people can be a little sexually conservative for my taste.” — Hazel

“What Bill O’Reilly erotic novel are you living in?” — Liz

“I get your Yankees tickets on A-Rod bobblehead day. And I’m going to throw that thing in front of a train. Go Phillies!” — Liz

“I’m kind of between tuxes due to weight fluctuation.” — Tracy

“I know a little bit about suffering because I work out a lot. I think we have a clip.” — News Anchor

“You don’t have a place to live? Where will wait patiently in the dark while you wait for the next day to start I mean sleep” — Kenneth

“I don’t mean it. I nice it.” — Kenneth

“I’d admire if you if you weren’t brunette.” — Jenna
“I’m a natural blonde.” — Hazel
“That’s insane!” — Jenna

“Who were your black role models growing up?” — Dr. Cornell West
“Darth Vader.  Ninjas. Some black licorice I tried to make into shape of my dad.” — Tracy

“One day we may love while tapping. It was beautiful. No butt stuff.” — Scott

“To quote George W. Bush, Lemon, bring em on. He said that to me in Galveston when a bus load of drunk debutantes tried to get on his boat. It was named Mr. Waterboat. Did it sink? Yes. Because there were too many people on it. But the spirit of his words live on.” — Jack

“And to think I thought Hazel was a bitch! Friendly and loyal like a female dog. She isn’t a bitch. She’s a meanie pants.” — Kenneth

“It’s Tyler Perry. From now on, my movies will be produced, written, directed, and seen exclusively by African Americans.” — Tracy

“I played Avery Jessup in Kidnapped by Danger now available on Sega Genesis.” — Jenna

“You said baby instead of plant. Now say mancave.” — Criss

“We are thinking about having a baby. Together. That will emerge from my vagina. Or a Chinese vagina.” — Liz

“Any child would be lucky to have to be the mother it loves, then hates for a few years, then loves again, then half-heartedly defends to its spouse, then puts in a home.” — Jack

“Don’t overthink the names. Stick to kings and queens of England. There’ll never be a President Ashton or Dr. Katniss or non-sexually confused Lorne. Number 2.” — Jack

  1. isabelle says:

    Hi there!
    I don’t get the meaning of what Liz says to Jack about the Yankees and Arod. Could you please explain?

  2. mrsubjective says:

    Sure. She was acting all excited to take advantage of Jack (and Alec Baldwin’s) Yankee tickets.and Alex Rodriguez’s booblehead. But Liz (and Tina Fey) is actually from Pennsylvania and is a huge Phillies fan. So she just wanted to collect the booblehead to destroy it. Hope that helps.

    • isabelle says:

      Sure it helps! Thanks! But Alex R is a Texas Rangers so this is where i’m a little bit lost (sorry to be French ;-)). She wants to take the tickets to put them on Arod bobble-head and then in front of a train?

  3. mrsubjective says:

    Ah. He was on the Texas Rangers player, but only from 2001-2003. He has been a New York Yankee since, and is one today.

  4. mrsubjective says:

    It’s a collectible doll with an oversized head of someone famous (in this case, Alex Rodriguez), with a head that bobbles. They often give these out during promotion days at baseball games. Here’s what it would look like.

    • isabelle says:

      Hi, mrsubjective, the Frenchie again ;-))) Tracy says to dr West about the dumb white writers “one twixt the other”, and once again, I’m a bit lost…. Heeeeeeeeelp (I do the french version of this episode, that’s why i need your explanation); Thanks

      • Marcello says:

        Hi Isabelle, I found your comment looking for the meaning of Tracy “soul cats speak” phrase. I do the italian version of 30 Rock. It would be nice and useful to be in touch. What do you think?Did you translate also the Queen of Jordan episode? There’s a very difficult situation to translate there (the ‘US’, ‘GUS’ ‘RUS’ thing’)…

      • isabelle says:

        Hi Marcello! Sure! It would be soooo great! We’ve already written the french version of season 6, we are two “dialoguistes” on 30 rock and I think this episode has been written by Sylvie, my colleague. If you want to be in touch my email is :

  5. mrsubjective says:

    Ah. He’s trying to tell Dr. West “how us soul cats speak”, and makes a nonsensical statement. Twixt is short for betwixt, which means between. So directly translated, he said they don’t know how we speak, one between the other. It makes little to no sense and garners a confused, judgmental look from Dr. West.

  6. mrsubjective says:

    Yeah. They don’t understand our language and our idioms and phrases.

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