FILM/TV: Thursday News Links

Posted: July 12, 2012 in Film, Links, Trailers

Full disclosure. I’ve been slacking a bit, posting mostly quotes and trailers, because that’s the service most people like on this site. But with life settling down a bit, I can post more on news updates, reviews, and feature pieces. So forgive the last few months, and enjoy the magic of the silver/small screen.

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Zachary Levi has been confirmed to play one of the Warriors Three Thor 2. He beat out Sheldon from Big Bang and Urkel. (E! Online)

Man of Steel plans to to release a 90 second trailer at Comic Con, giving attendees 85 extra seconds to clean up after splooging. (Coming Soon)

Ed Helms is officially in talks for Vacation remake. I don’t care until Kevin from The Office plays Randy Quaid’s character. (Variety)

Overrated horror sensation Eli Roth will direct Harker starring Russell Crowe. I’m just not sure if Crowe does well with films involving gratuitous blood. <<<insert sarcasm>>> (Deadline)

Channing Tatum plans to star in an Evil Knievel biopic. Physicists are looking to develop ways for Tatum to break dance and strip while performing his own stunts over the Grand Canyon. (Hollywood Reporter)

Wes Anderson’s next feature plans to star Johnny Depp. No word if Tim Burton plans to play Wes Anderson in the director’s chair. (Twitch Film)


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