TV: Louie 3.1 “Something is Wrong” Best Lines

Posted: July 14, 2012 in Best Lines, Television
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Louie 3.1 “Something is Wrong” (***) — After Louie makes an impulse purchase, he gets into a motorcycle accident.

“One time, I was jerking off. This is another aging thing. I was jerking off and I looked at my penis and it was blurry.” — Louie

“She’s looking at me like “You ain’t reading shit, you dirty old…'” — Louie

“With the amount of money being poured into tits and their faces, how are old rich asshole guys not saying, I’m getting a new one. Like on the golf course going, ‘I’m going to get my new dick on Wednesday.'” — Louie

“Do you ride your bike in the city?” — Louie
“Sure.” — Motorcycle salesman
“Is it dangerous?” — Louie
“I laid a few down. I’ve got. You’ve got some of that and some of that.” — Motorcycle salesman
“O wow, more? That’s nasty.” — Louie
“I’m still walking down. I got a permanent limp, but I’m walking.” — Motorcycle salesman
“That’s crazy. I can’t be doing none of that. I got kids. How much is that bike?” — Louie
“This one is 75.” — Motorcycle salesman
“$7,500? That’s it.” — Louie
“That’s it. You get 45 miles to the gallon. You can park it anywhere.” — Motorcycle salesman
“So it’s actually smart to buy a motorcycle.” — Louie

“Are we after midnight or before midnight right now?” — Louie


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