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When we were watching the early Judd Apatow movies, who knew that many of them would wind up as legit, respectable, Oscar-nominated actors. Here are two of them — James Franco, Jonah Hill — who will team up in the Brad Pitt produced True Story (Deadline)

I know, I know. The one thing we’ve been all waiting for is another Sylvester Stallone movie. But sorry to disappoint. For unclear reasons (studio says there are too many movies out that weekend), Warner Brothers has pulled Bullet to the Head from the April 12th weekend. (TwitchFilm)

The Robocop remake has taken a lot of twists and turns. From Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) being attached to direct to Russell Crowe taking the starring role, its fans have been thrown and tossed in every which direction. Now, it looks like they’ve found a new potential leading man — Joel Kinnaman. (Hollywood Reporter)

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James Franco took a lot of heat last year for his uninspired, boring attempt at hosting the Oscars. The Academy Awards were so disappointed with the young-duo of Anne Hathaway and Franco that they went in the complete opposite direction, harking back to the 90s when one man was synonymous with the award show: Billy Crystal. It’s funny that after years and years of the Academy trying to stay relevant, they decided to go with a name few in the younger generation have even heard of. In an interview with Shortlist, however, Seth Rogen stands up for his friend and former Freaks and Geeks co-star.

“I think when you agree to do something like that, you put a certain amount of faith in the institution, hoping that they’ll take care of you, and I feel like they didn’t [take care of him]. Why hire James Franco and then give him Billy Crystal’s monologue? It was like, “Oh, we’ll hire these young hosts and then we’ll just do the same sh*t we do every f*cking year.” Which to me was really odd. I think they just approached it wrong. They didn’t think it through, and they were way underprepared. I think they hung him out to dry. So I wouldn’t do it unless they hired some better writers [laughs].”

Rogen makes a good point, but the blame must be shared. Anne Hathaway at least had fun with it, and James Franco dumbed down the award show to a boring assembly.