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I figured three times the charm. HBO cancels Luck after a third horse dies. (USA Today)

In celebration of Pi(e) day yesterday, I decided to hold a Darren Aronofsky marathon. And then I quickly realized what a bad idea it was…considering he’s a crazy, sick f*ck. But a crazy, sick f*ck who is also a genius. (Pajiba)

Did you know that Community was on tonight? You should! But did you know we first saw Troy as “the gay kid” on 30 Rock before he made his big break? Here are some other things you didn’t know to pregame you for the premiere. (UpRoxx)

Game of Thrones is featured on Entertainment Weekly’s next cover. There are actually four different covers, but only one message: We’re going to be badass. (Entertainment Weekly)

Could there be a more perfect nerdy-comedy pairing. Fey-Rudd coming at ya! (Indie Wire)