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Moonrise Kingdom gets the honor of opening for Cannes, which would mean something for me if I had the money to go to Cannes. (Indie Wire)

You ever hear yourself uncontrollably screaming, I need more Ryan Gosling! Ryan Gosling hears you and he will deliver. (The Incredible Suit)

Who says there’s a dearth of roles for established black and female actresses like Viola Davis? She just landed another leading role. Okay, she had to produce it herself, but whatever. (Variety)

Every Korean friend of mine and their mother (no literally, and their mother) has told me I need to watch The Man from Nowhere. I think they’ve been calling Bob Weinstein too. Here comes the American version! (What Culture)

What Pan Am and The Playboy Club could not do was replace Mad Men and its 1960s’ cool on our hearts. Well…it’s back and here are some new photos. (HitFix)

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It’s a new picture from Ryan Gosling’s upcoming film (Part 2 of Nicolas Winding Refn collaboration) Only God Forgives. I mean, it’s really nothing special when it comes to pictures. O WHO AM I KIDDING? It’s Ryan Gosling. Of course it’s special. Print it out, laminate it, and do unspeakables with this photo. (Just Jared)

Justified is renewed for a fourth season! And the hippie in me is so happy. But the real me has not seen it yet. Sooooo “yay?” (IndieWire)

If you didn’t catch my special edition of a Best Lines post for the Community webisode, there’s a new Community! And two minutes of Community is better than three seasons of Glee. (NBC)

Hollywood proves it still has plenty of original ideas..for spinoffs. Silver lining — it’s Venom! (LA Times)

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Lindsay Lohan is back. For what? I’m not sure. But she’s hosting Saturday Night Live this Saturday. Here’s a nice look of the evolution of her face. (Pajiba)

Why we haven’t seen a Ghostbusters 3? Bill Murray is the main reason. (Obsessed With Film)

Some never-before-seen pictures of Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight (What Culture)

Mr. Subjective has a new female crush. And her name is the hottest name in Hollywood mainstream audiences don’t know enough about. Everyone, read more about Jessica Chastain. (Film Experience)

The Town screenwriter has been tapped to write a Top Gun prequel (Film School Rejects)

Emma Watson team up with Sofia Coppola for The Bling Ring (Film Junk)

First Look inside Nicolas Winding Refn’s next collaboration with Ryan Gosling (Indie Wire)