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FILM/TV: Weekend News Links

Posted: July 14, 2012 in Film, Links, Television

Arnold Schwarzenegger confirms he’s doing a Twins sequel. Part of me (all of me) hopes they replace Devito with Tyrion Lannister (Deadline)

Kick-Ass 2 could be starting up soon, according to McLovin. He plans to receive payback for all the police equipment in broke with Rogen and Hader. (Huffington Post)

Daniel Radcliff has signed on to star in Horns. I guess — all those crazies were right. Harry Potter is the devil. (Variety)

Jessical Biel is set to play the villainous viper in The Wolverine sequel. I always didn’t like her in 7th Heaven (Indiewire)

Ken Jeong is set for an extended role in The Hangover 3. I’m not sure if they’re referring to his consistent portrayal of Ken Jeong’s penis. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Sylvester Stallone’s son was found dead yesterday. RIP. (NY Post)


FILM/TV: Thursday News Links

Posted: July 12, 2012 in Film, Links, Trailers

Full disclosure. I’ve been slacking a bit, posting mostly quotes and trailers, because that’s the service most people like on this site. But with life settling down a bit, I can post more on news updates, reviews, and feature pieces. So forgive the last few months, and enjoy the magic of the silver/small screen.

You can also follow me on twitter @mrsubjective for more frequent updates, and other rantings on film/tv/sports.

Zachary Levi has been confirmed to play one of the Warriors Three Thor 2. He beat out Sheldon from Big Bang and Urkel. (E! Online)

Man of Steel plans to to release a 90 second trailer at Comic Con, giving attendees 85 extra seconds to clean up after splooging. (Coming Soon)

Ed Helms is officially in talks for Vacation remake. I don’t care until Kevin from The Office plays Randy Quaid’s character. (Variety)

Overrated horror sensation Eli Roth will direct Harker starring Russell Crowe. I’m just not sure if Crowe does well with films involving gratuitous blood. <<<insert sarcasm>>> (Deadline)

Channing Tatum plans to star in an Evil Knievel biopic. Physicists are looking to develop ways for Tatum to break dance and strip while performing his own stunts over the Grand Canyon. (Hollywood Reporter)

Wes Anderson’s next feature plans to star Johnny Depp. No word if Tim Burton plans to play Wes Anderson in the director’s chair. (Twitch Film)

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I figured three times the charm. HBO cancels Luck after a third horse dies. (USA Today)

In celebration of Pi(e) day yesterday, I decided to hold a Darren Aronofsky marathon. And then I quickly realized what a bad idea it was…considering he’s a crazy, sick f*ck. But a crazy, sick f*ck who is also a genius. (Pajiba)

Did you know that Community was on tonight? You should! But did you know we first saw Troy as “the gay kid” on 30 Rock before he made his big break? Here are some other things you didn’t know to pregame you for the premiere. (UpRoxx)

Game of Thrones is featured on Entertainment Weekly’s next cover. There are actually four different covers, but only one message: We’re going to be badass. (Entertainment Weekly)

Could there be a more perfect nerdy-comedy pairing. Fey-Rudd coming at ya! (Indie Wire)

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In case you’ve been living under a rock, The Avengers movie is coming out. So if you want to watch a few mediocre films before the big one, AMC has got the answer for you. (AMC Theaters)

Actors apparently have opinions too. And some of them are fairly bright. Here are some of their Top 5 Film Lists (Rotten Tomatoes)

I knew it! The Walking Dead was stealing from Office Space. (UpRoxx)

Jon Hamm says Kim Kardashian an idiot, as if we didn’t love him enough. (Hollywood Reporter)

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The million dollar question ahead of the next James Bond movie is: Can Javier Bardem be an effective villain without a terrible haircut? (Daily Mail)

You ever see a movie poster for an awesome movie and you just want to say “Fuck Yeah!” Well, here are three of them for the Vengeance Trilogy. (Fuck Yeah Movie Posters)

Remember Alex Winter. I mean Bill. I mean the other guy next to Keanu in their most excellent adventure. HE’s alive and si talking about the upcoming film. (MTV)

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Moonrise Kingdom gets the honor of opening for Cannes, which would mean something for me if I had the money to go to Cannes. (Indie Wire)

You ever hear yourself uncontrollably screaming, I need more Ryan Gosling! Ryan Gosling hears you and he will deliver. (The Incredible Suit)

Who says there’s a dearth of roles for established black and female actresses like Viola Davis? She just landed another leading role. Okay, she had to produce it herself, but whatever. (Variety)

Every Korean friend of mine and their mother (no literally, and their mother) has told me I need to watch The Man from Nowhere. I think they’ve been calling Bob Weinstein too. Here comes the American version! (What Culture)

What Pan Am and The Playboy Club could not do was replace Mad Men and its 1960s’ cool on our hearts. Well…it’s back and here are some new photos. (HitFix)

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Wes Anderson is weird. Really freaking weird. But the sexy kind of weird in high school, the kind you wish you were alternative to understand and connect with in supreme hipster, indie levels. Here’s the newest poster for his upcoming film Moonrise Kingdom to depict the kind of weird I’m talking about. (Indie Wire)

Here’s a riddle. Where do you put an almost extinct TV show that features extinct creatures? Clearly — on the plummeting, nearly extinct video service. Terra Nova, meet your bride…Netflix. (Entertainment Weekly)

There’s a lot of studio hype regarding Ridley Scott’s upcoming Prometheus. But it’s not really hype until Ridley says it’s hype. He’s officially jumping in on the hype when he introduces the new trailer on March 17. (Latino Review)

Johnny Depp is looking weird again. But Tim Burton isn’t involved? New picture from The Long Ranger (Wall Street Journal)

You know what’s more disappointing than sequels? Sequels of fake parties with no plotline. (Hollywood Reporter)