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New Girl 1.11 “Jess and Julia” (***1/2) — Nick’s new Lawyer girlfriend Julia helps Jess fight a traffic ticket, but it results in a fight between the two girls. Meanwhile, Winston runs into an ex-lover of his. New Girl is such an infectious, cute little comedy that continues to impress.

“There are tampons hidden all over the apartment.” — Jess

“There should not be two girls in this bathroom. They’re too humid. They make everything damp.” — Schmidt

“You’re not labeling it because you’re too sophisticated.” — Jess
“Stop doing your sophisticated guy.” — Nick

“I told you to get yourself whatever you wanted. You chose water.” — Winston

“Those big beautiful eyes. Like a scared baby! I’m sure that gets you out of all kinds of stuff.” — Julia
“Except my peripheral vision is almost too good.” — Jess

“Schmidt is like Ellis Island in the 1800s. He accepts everyone.” — Jess

“She has a problem with me. Nick, your girlfriend is not a dessert person!” — Jess

“I’m going to put my dehumidifier and my towel in my room, where nothing ever gets wet.” — Schmidt

“She told him she didn’t want to label it.” — Jess
“That’s a classic move even in the lesbian community.” — Sadie
:::Schmidt runs out:::
“What are we talking about?” — Schmidt
“Did you just hear the words ‘lesbian community’ and come running out of your room?” — Sadie

“You have the most game because for years, you’ve been working with absolutely nothing.” — Winston

“Oh, you guys are using names? That’s not too labelly for you?” — Jess

“I’m having sex all the time. I’m like a mailman, except instead of mail…it’s hot sex I deliver.” — Nick
“I had to start athletic shoes in my purse. Because I have sprint from one sexual encounter to another. Can’t wear heels.” — Julia
“Well, I’m having sex right now under the bar. And she’s on top. So figure that out. Ow Ow.” — Nick

“I don’t act like Teddy Ruxbin.” — Jess

“Can you leave, please? Because I’m about to start crying and you are the last person that I want to cry in front of.” — Julia
“I want to cry too, and where am I supposed to cry? You can’t monopolize the bathroom crying space.” — Jess
:::finds Nick crying in the men’s room:::

“I hate your pant suit and I wish there were ribbons on it or something to make it slightly cuter.” — Jess

“My checks have baby farm animals on them, bitch.” — Jess

:::Schmidt gets accidentally naked:::
“What shape is that supposed to be shaved into?” — Cece
“I think he’s trying to force perspective.” — Jess
“You are Jewish.” — Cece
You’re making me gayer.”  — Sadie

“Boyfriend, that’s so lame. You’re totally going carry my books home from school.” — Julie
“I will if you wear my Leatherman Jacket.” — Nick
“It’s a Letterman Jacket.” — Julie

“Who washes a tower? A towel washes me!” — Nick

“What am I going to do? Wash a shower net? Wash a bar of soap?” — Nick


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With just the pilot reaching the general public (and with disappointing ratings at that), HBO has already renewed David Milch’s Luck for a second season. It’s welcome news for me, as I thought the first episode, directed by Michael Mann, had plenty of intrigue and smarts and not to mention an all-star cast that features Dustin Hoffman, Nick Nolte, and Dennis Farina. The series focuses on the intermingling stories of owners, jockeys, and gamblers around the horse-racing track. In a statement, president of HBO Programming Michael Lomboardo said:

“We couldn’t be more thrilled with the critical response to this beautiful piece of work, and we are very excited about where David and Michael plan to take these incredible characters.”

The ten-episode season 2 is scheduled to air in January 2013.

Is it just me or Bruce Willis is the new Samuel L. Jackson these days? Because he is in everything! From the new Expandables to the new G.I. Joe to this spring action thriller, the guy seems to really need a paycheck. Not to mention they are in fact developing Die Hard 5. In The Cold Light of Day, he plays second fiddle to Henry Cavill (Man of Steel). The story centers around a young American who uncovers a conspiracy during his attempt to save his family who was kidnapped while vacationing in Spain. The film opens April 6th.

In a film that is giving Linda Cardellini (Freaks and Geeks, ER) plenty of critical acclaim, she plays a soldier who returns to her family, friends, and old job after a tour of duty. But after her return, she finds herself struggling to find her place in her everyday life. It sounds like those awkward five minutes of The Hurt Locker, when Sgt. James is sifting through the grocery store, except those five minutes are expanded to a full-length movie. Return also stars Michael Shannon and John Slattery. The film opens April 6.

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Entertainment Weekly is reporting that cast member Paul Brittain will leave the show, effective immediately. Most commonly known for his impression of James Franco, Brittain was one of the more underutilized cast members on the show that’s dominated by Hader and Wigg and Thompson. A source close to the magazine said Brittain had the opportunity to pursue other projects and he parted the show amicably.

The post’s title says it all. Episode 8 “Nebraska” will air February 12th.

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CBS, the  network where comedy sells out its soul for huge ratings, is getting a boost from two of the finest writers/comedians, forming an incredible funny-man duo. Louis C.K. is considered by some as one of the best if not the best modern day stand-up comic and has an incredibly popular show on FX (Louie). Meanwhile, Spike Feresten’s resume ain’t too shabby either, writing episodes for Seinfeld (“Soup Nazi”) and The Simpsons, for example. Together, their project should be comedic gold…unless they sold out their souls to CBS as well. rt